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Yes! Aan de slag voor het duurzame  denim brand met een stevige visie op de modeindustrie. [in progress]

Snelle groeier Adobe Commerce specialist Itonomy verstevigt zijn merk. [in progress]

Een innovatie beter afgestemd op de specifieke koopbehoefte van de doelgroep. [in progress]


Boost your brand. Yes! Right now!

Van muurbloem naar koploper...

'Right now...'  Two words that have been used a little too often lately. Too fit and too bad.
But still, you can see a clear trend: buyers and consumers are tending to strong brands in these uncertain times 
a)  simply stand out (underrated!)
b) feel familiar and social (without  to be boring)
c) and be authentic (otherwise you will be overtaken on the right)

This is an accent difference, not a total turnaround. Something to take into account.
If you don't build a strong brand that is top of mind and has a preference, you will be overtaken on the right by the brands that can do it. Or the  prize fighters of course.

Don't worry, there is an approach that works.
Also for your brand.


'Gijs' involvement and creativity contributed to a project that was both daring, creative and well-received by our customers. We had a great time working together!'

Sander Reuderink
Commercial Director


Even voorstellen

Jouw rechterhand

My name is Gijs and I have been helping brands from small to large for 20 years now  with a powerful brand experience. For market leaders and challengers, from products, scaleups to  institutes. First with my internet agency, now as your right-hand man under the name 'Brands Innovate'.


Where you get stuck, I'll help you pick it up. My approach is short and sweet, this is not the time to stagnate. Well, to get the house in order for when everything goes back to normal.

More about my background

Gijs van den Boom 

knowing more?
just call or email!


(+31) 06 24650260

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By applying proven tactics

Wat werkt voor jou?

There are now plenty of proven tactics known with which you can make a difference. Tactics about buying behaviour, building trust, experience, seduction, storytelling, conversion optimization... oh and of course a few new dirty secrets. 

Only, which ones are relevant to you. That is the key question, of course.
Do you focus on 'why'? Or not? In which areas do you follow and in which area do you deviate? Are you literally claiming your competitive advantage or are you creating an atmosphere? When do you use the power of repetition and when do you communicate extremely short and powerful...


An approach aimed at getting ahead 

It's not that hard to take the right steps. As long as you know what you are doing and where to start.
This is the approach where you give your brand a big boost in a short time. No creative bullshit without the facts. 

We make the brand strategy concrete and we apply it directly to your most important touchpoints. Your site or an important marketing message. The low-hanging fruit immediately applied in practice. 

Read more about the approach process
Or curious about my vision? read




'Gijs took the Droomfabriek team on a journey in a very involved, inspiring and deliciously dynamic way. A journey that has led us to vital insights beyond our truly visible branding. 'Just' touching, practical and no fuss.'

Tjerk Lerou

Partner, The Dream Factory


'Brands Innovate's approach really worked well for us. The best part is that everything goes very smoothly and automatically, which is why my team was very enthusiastic. I can heartily recommend Gijs to anyone who seriously wants to have their brand looked at.'

Isha Govaarts

Corporate communication



'Gijs has helped us enormously with focus for our fast-growing company.  A step was needed for our brand and image. The energy and creativity has helped us enormously!'

Ruud Robeerst

Owner, Loyal Interim

inspire &  accelerate

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