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Glad you took the test! I can now help you more specifically. I now have a better sense of where your opportunities for improvement are. I will get back to you within 2 days.

It doesn't make much sense to inflate your tires even harder if your chain is off

Invest in the right thing


Because it just makes no sense to throw a lot of money at campaigns if your conversion is too low later in the chain. 

Your brand strategy, marketing, sales and use of your product are parts of the same chain. If there are weak parts in that chain  sit then you should  kick hard to move forward. Invest in the right part, so that you are more effective throughout the chain.  

If you create a powerful brand that shows the most attractive side of your product  radiate in an inspiring way, then that has Very Very Many Advantages in the rest of that chain.  

  • Because you  stands out and strikes a chord

  • And have a more interesting story story than the rest

  • je  hits the right chord more easily at different moments in your sales funnels and appeals to the needs at that moment

  • Your various marketing campaigns  also always make a positive contribution to the desired consistent image of your brand

  • It becomes easier to create interesting content for your content marketers: '90% of the most successful content marketers prioritize educating their audience over promoting their company's sales message.' (report B2B  Content Marketing 2019 from content marketing institute)

  • You can more easily entice prospects with a small investment of money or time (in my case a test), so that you can get in touch with them

  • Your customers are more likely to  become an ambassador and be a part of your  going to do marketing

  • Your story is easier to tell and it engages the audience more quickly (although you should not overestimate that effect)

  • Even the perception of quality while using your product or service increases

  • Do I have to say which one?  benefits this gives for your pricing?

  • What it does to recruiting and retaining  of talent? 

  • Your innovation becomes more focused and you can do it in that area too  accelerate

  • Your customer service (often underexposed touchpoint for your brand, while during the buying process 83% of your customers need some level of support...)

What a list. Sigh too. And it's not even complete. Maybe you even had a bullet in mind.  

A powerful brand therefore creates a tailwind feeling throughout the chain. Take a look at the business model canvas. Also on the left side of your resources: you are more attractive to your key partners and it benefits the culture in your organization. A sense of pride. It fuels ambition.


I always work very pleasantly and purposefully with Gijs. It is remarkable how the best man knows how to accurately describe the essence of a challenge or solution with just a few words.

Evan Gelders
managing partner Soda Studio


Shall we then?

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Let me know!  I love to help you be more powerful and inspiring.


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