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I only help brands on the 'right' side of the middle. The frontrunners that make up the rest  pull along to the  new sustainable standard. 

You have gold in your hands.

As a brand with a purpose, you often don't even realize what kind of gold you are holding; an invisible superpower  that makes everything you radiate and communicate more effectively. My approach is aimed at using that strength  maximum bet. I have experience with all kinds of brands, A-brands and B-brands, from large to small. Retailers, service providers, manufacturing industry, logistics, travel... I only use the experience I have gained for sustainable organizations.


It's okay to be on your way and not have everything in order yet, but we're not going to greenwash. No need for anything, karma is in your favor, the numbers speak for themselves.  

  • We've reached the tipping point: 93% of consumers today demand brands take responsibility for the planet and people's wellbeing and 83% prefer a brand with a proven reputation for sustainability (Sonar, 2019) 

  • You can be more or less purpose-driven.  It's not so black and white. The nice news is that every percent more focus on your purpose also has a direct positive influence on all kinds of KPIs, from recruiting and retaining talent, to brand loyalty, customer retention and  ambassadorship. It is striking that the relationship is particularly positive with regard to pricing: customers apparently are willing to pay more for brands with a good heart. (Havas, 2018)

  • As a brand with a purpose, you unlock a number of extremely powerful tactics that have a flywheel effect for buyers, consumers, new talent and your own people. I often speak to decision makers who find out more or less 'by accident'. Why wait for coincidence? A lot is known by now. The proven greater principles, but also the pitfalls and  practical tips and tricks... 

A purpose must match your business model. Every euro you earn must contribute to your purpose and vice versa: you can earn money by realizing your purpose. 

Energy companies that let you save as much energy as possible... mwa. There's just something wrong there. A purpose that is not right. 

To beat

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