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Who I am? 
Your experienced right hand for brand experience 

I am the right hand of management  and online specialists. I'm crossing the bridge. I help with making choices and continuing. I provide powerful tools for everyone who plays a role in the execution. 

I studied industrial design at TU Delft,  master innovation management. My approach is therefore rather methodical  and innovative than 'intuitive'.


Of course you also have brand strategists who work more from an art school perspective. That's another  taste.  

During am I  started a business with a good friend. Building beautiful things in Flash. We soon had great customers such as Robeco and Ahold. In those days we often did this with larger agencies, which was of course very instructive.  

We called our agency Acato. We grew up to such a  50 online specialists. The management role grew with it  and then it became clear to me: I need the content again  in, helping customers, solving issues.

Acato has since been successfully sold. A new entrepreneur with new energy is at the helm.  


Within Brands Innovate I now fully focus on brand strategy for brands as diverse as Finish (dishwasher),  Vilans, Friesland Campina, De Droomfabriek and Allerzorg.


Manon Heitkamp

Marketing manager, L1nda

'It was of added value to first establish the basis and proposition of the company and build it only afterwards.'

I have a few principles. You can call them hobbyhorses. You're going to catch me making these kinds of statements.

  • You need an 'unexpected element' in your story and your appearance. You have to be noticed, you have to be talked about. Yes, even if you want to present yourself modestly.

  • Positive impact on the world should be your starting point. Fortunately, that is often the case and you often have more impact if you speak out even more firmly in this area. The positive effects on your business are enormous (but only if it is authentic).

  • Conventions are fantastic. Always use them. Always break one.

  • I have nothing against the latest trends and temporariness. A brand is not timeless, but in motion. You can combine recognizable characteristics with elements in which you move with the times. Nobody likes old fashioned.

  • I have nothing against the use of English words in a Dutch text. I often find language purists boring.

  • Evidence over beautiful stories. I am a fan of research, models, facts and figures. 

  • For example, it was debunked a while ago that an image is stronger than 1000 words. Outdated! Depends entirely on the situation and moreover: if you are really interested and really have a need in this area, then you want to know more. Knowing who you are dealing with, for example. The combination of high quality images and complete product information is usually the most effective.

Ach ja:

Let's get personal?

Would you like to know more about me personally? Read the next story... True, by the way. 


I grew up on the edge of a small village in North Limburg. In the outlying area. Carefree, but also just a bit boring. There was nothing to do in the street, my friends lived miles away.


I was in  a class of twelve children. Twelve children from three different grades. The school no longer exists as you understand.

Boys played soldier, girls with dolls. There wasn't much in between. Except for me! I liked back roads, discovering new things, streams, magic porridges, clay, puzzles and the like. The kid who's always on the go with things. But most of all I liked mazes.

I drew so many mazes, almost possessed, of all shapes and sizes, mazes in the shape of cars, entire cities, with riddles, 3d. I got good at it too. There was no other way, because there was nothing to distract me.  

Until I got to 6th grade. I  discovered what love was. Angela was personable and fun. How could I get her attention?

Of course I had my mazes. So I made a maze and if you solved it correctly, a letter appeared. Her initial. Genius isn't it? So I gathered my courage and gave her my creation that I had toiled all day long.

But unfortunately. They  didn't see me. She didn't even solve my puzzle. She was a head taller. Me with  my glasses and my puzzle. She was already doing boy bands. My mazes talent was not really a 'unique selling point' unfortunately.  

I learned a valuable lesson then. No matter how hard you try on the wrong thing, you don't get any more interesting. Should I have struck a different chord? Or should I have found a girl who did like mazes?


What an inspiring session  man. You are awesome.'

Erik van Haren
Owner, Mathplay


Glad you made it all the way here! Does that mean we might agree  need to talk further?  You can also leave a message.


My approach is lean and mean, no long processes. I work  with some online tools and proven models that will get you into action mode. Focus and  clarity, so you can get going.  Read more about my approach

you can call  (+31) 06 24650260

mail  also:

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