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Frequently asked,
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My approach probably differs somewhat from what you have seen or experienced before in this area. You may have some questions based on what you've already read...

1. What are you solving for me?

I help your brand  inspiring  to be. I help sharpen your vision  and translate it into powerful handles. So that you double  become so effective with your marketing.

2. Everyone is short of time. Me too. Tell?

My process arose from the idea that processes around brand strategy really are a lot faster, more fun and better  be able to. You don't rush into a 'boot camp' or something like being a meaningful inspiring brand, but we can make maximum use of digital resources. In addition, we have known for some time:  if we turn this into a fun inspiring experience, the result will be much better.  


So no long intakes, interviews or group discussions. I also don't believe in large groups co-creating in  the strategic phase of your brand experience. The relevant decision-makers and drivers sit at the table, which are often about 2  up to 6  persons.  

3. My market and context is quite specific, how do you deal with this?

This is addressed in the approach. Of course you have the most feeling for the dynamics of the market, restrictions, sensitivities, legislation and other specificities. This can hinder an inspiring brand experience. It works best to start with ambitious and distinctive ideas, after which we polish the overly sharp edges.  

4. Can I purchase the different modules separately?

Yes, but we always start with the opportunity scan. Otherwise I can't judge what you can do as a brand  to make.


We have an ambitious mission on which I and my team work very hard and enthusiastically every day. What has helped me a lot is the translation to the brand Dokter Tamara, which suits us so well. Which feels honest and natural and is very attractive to our general public. Gijs helps to make choices and you feel that he remains involved.

Tamara de Weijer

Bestselling author and TV personality: Doctor Tamara


Pick it up!

This is step 1:

TEST HERE in 5 minutes where your chances are. Then I immediately think along with you.

or call  (+31) 06 24650260

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Thika Travel

Thika Travel opens doors you didn't even know existed. A trip has to be so special that it can be included in your biography. This includes an unparalleled brand experience.

  - (currently under development) -

5. My product/service is complex and my market is exceptional. How does that fit into that standard?

You can indeed talk about that for a long time, but that also distracts you from applying golden principles that work. I believe in the following: your unique brand is helped with a carefully developed standard approach. An approach in which you mainly get a lot of value for money.

6. What does additional guidance cost? 

Any additional guidance (often not necessary) I offer separately and the costs depend on the required expertise (€ 175 to € 225 per hour).  

7. Our brand is important to the future success of our company. Are we going to click? 

Is that important? By the way, I am very nice, but I also want to be able to be constructively critical, that will help you the most. I will mainly analyse, solve and inspire. A big boost in a short time. I help the right people start up and I am available for brand-related questions if needed.

8. We have a positive impact on the world and want to do something with our sustainable way of doing business. No slippery marketing story or greenwashing. 

Fantastic! You don't want to end up in the list of fakers. In addition, is it bad if you earn money by doing something that has a positive impact on your industry, society or even the world? I see many companies being clumsy modest or taking actions in a fragmented way. Without a powerful frame to communicate from. I always pay attention to this in the process.  

I don't want to help parties with a predatory construction mentality. I don't work for climate deniers, populists and aggressive ruthless budget fighters. Positive impact on the world is the starting point. It would be great if I can help you even more for your brand experience.

9. Why should I have you and not agency x or brand strategist y. 

There are very good alternatives. I am not unique. I do have my own view on brand strategy. On some points I am (meanwhile) quite outspoken. You must love that. These are the principles I use for myself: ​​

  • I work independently , I want to be able to advise you to invest little or nothing for follow-up steps if that is the outcome. An agency has an interest in major follow-up projects and may be colored.

  • Your current identity and motivations are the starting point. Then we look at the needs of your target group(s). This is often handled in exactly the same order, but I see problems with credibility and fulfillment.

  • I will push and challenge a little . A weak compromise story that nobody says anything is worth nothing.

  • It will be fun! My sessions are intended as an energizer, interactive, visual and with a lot of energy.

Oh and pardon my English :-): you won't catch me on linguistic purism, some words are simply better in English (we're not going to translate 'scrum' and 'lean' anyway).

10. Why are you using so much text?

If you're seriously interested, you'll want to know more. A lot of product information is therefore often better than less at such a time.  

11. Do you have experience in my specific market?

There are few markets that I have not dealt with in the past 18 years. Possibly not or only sideways. More relevant is whether I can apply the right principles within your context and quickly understand the dynamics in your market. Where one market leads the way, you take it with you to another.  

In recent years I have been particularly active in the following markets.  

  • Energy

  • finance

  • secondment

  • Durability

  • Travel industry

  • Logistics

  • retail

  • Nutrition

  • IT and Saas

  • Marketing research

  • Industry

  • Industry associations

  • lease market

  • Concern

  • Municipalities

  • Technical service providers



If you think the aisles of the shops are a bit cluttered due to indifference or lack of time, think again. This action champion deploys a series of sophisticated tactics to be both the most surprising and the most profitable.

I have defined a number of powerful principles for the online brand experience, a combination of the recognizable shopping experience with the latest developments in the field of conversion and persuasion. The development  and design teams have translated this into the right online functionality and appearance.



Not everyone knows that PostNL is one of the most innovative and lean & mean organized postal companies in Europe. In addition to guiding dozens of online environments, I am especially proud of the redesign and positioning of the product ranges for business and consumer. Inextricably linked with  the new customer journeys and digital expressions. 


Thanks to an on-point strategic preliminary process from Gijs, I was able to start with a well-founded design process for a rebranding. Many valuable handles that immediately appeal to the imagination from a design point of view.

Michael van Berlo

Independent designer


Let me know!  I love to help you be more powerful and inspiring.


My approach is lean and mean, no long processes. I work  with some online tools and proven models that will get you into action mode. Focus and  clarity, so you can get going. 

Call (+31) 06 24650260

or mail to

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